Afro-Asian Advisory Service (AAAS)

The Afro-Asian Advisory Service provides specialist immigration information, advice and representation services primarily to the community of Southwark. They are also available to those who live outside the borough and can thus provide a support service to any advisers working in other parts of the UK.

The AAAS carries out the following services:

  • provide advice and assistance with the completion of application forms relating to immigration, asylum and nationality matters
  • prepare written representations on behalf of clients to be forwarded to the Home Office and then deal with the official correspondence arising from clients’ applications
  • represent clients at their Appeals and J R
  • provide support to other agencies, advise workers and Members of Parliament, through second-tier telephone advice and taking referrals
  • provide training courses on immigration and nationality law to advise workers

The organisation has both specialist knowledge and many years of experience dealing with British Nationality Right of Abode matters. It tackles complex cases in these areas of law. The organisation also has facilities available to provide specialist training to second-tier agencies where the advice workers do not have detailed knowledge on immigration, asylum and nationality laws.

The AAAS sees clients daily between 9:00am & 1:00pm, strictly by appointment only. In emergency cases, an advice worker will see a client for a few minutes to assess the urgency of the case and make an appointment as necessary.