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Here you can find out more about whistleblowing at Together and who to contact with any queries or concerns.

What is whistleblowing?

Public Concern at Work notes that: “Sometimes whistleblowing is called speaking up or raising a concern. It is all about ensuring that if someone sees something wrong in the workplace, they are able to raise this within their organisation, to a regulator, or wider. Whistleblowing ultimately protects customers, staff, beneficiaries, and the organisation itself by identifying harm before it’s too late.”

Who is Together’s Lead Trustee for Whistleblowing?

Together’s Lead Trustee for Whistleblowing is Ian Jones.

You can read more about Ian and our other Trustees here.

Who is Together’s Management Team Lead for Whistleblowing?

Together’s Management Team Lead for Whistleblowing is Linda Bryant, our Chief Executive.

You can read more about our Management Team here.

How can I contact Together with any whistleblowing queries or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about whistleblowing related to Together and our services, please contact:
020 7780 7300

Together for Mental Wellbeing
52 Walnut Tree Walk
SE11 6DN

Or you can fill out our whistleblowing contact form:

Whistleblowing Contact Form

Whistleblowing Contact Form

Together is committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality, service user satisfaction, employee wellbeing and safety. We do this through our Whistleblowing policy and the form below is a space you can report issues you feel you need to raise. For that you can either share your name and contact details so we can follow up with you or you can choose to remain anonymous, please indicate below which applies to you:
Is there a specific Together service your whistleblowing issue relates to?

What does the Lead Trustee for Whistleblowing do?

In addition to those duties and responsibilities performed by all trustees, the Lead Trustee for Whistleblowing will:

  • Be familiar with Together’s Whistleblowing policy, and act as a key consultee for any updates or changes to that policy
  • Be knowledgeable about the wider context to whistleblowing, through reviewing the information publicly available via organisations such as Public Concern at Work
  • Act as an advocate for whistleblowing matters, ensuring that there are full and appropriate reviews and challenges of reports brought to the Workforce Committee – and that this committee’s views and recommendations are heard by the Board as appropriate
  • Act as a point of reference and advice for the CEO and/or Director of People and Organisational Management, who will contact them as appropriate – including with regard to any emerging whistleblowing concerns, critical individual incidents and emerging patterns of reports
  • Advise Together’s Chair in a timely manner of any matters of concern regarding the above.