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Berkshire West Breathing Space Feedback

Please fill out the form below if you have used the Berkshire West Breathing Space service to provide feedback:

Berkshire West Breathing Space Feedback Survey
Overall, how satisfied are you with the Berkshire West Breathing Space service?
How did you access the service?

If you accessed the service virtually, please tell us about your experience

I could see the worker / volunteer clearly
I could hear the worker / volunteer clearly
It was easy to set up the video call
I felt that the worker / volunteer could understand me

What has Breathing Space helped you with?

Feeling more able to cope with my immediate crisis
Stopping my crisis from getting worse
Feeling safe
Finding other services I can go to for support / advice
Meeting other people
Feeling more hopeful
Recognising my strengths and abilities
Feeling more able to cope in the future
What have you left Breathing Space with?

How involved did you feel in your support?

The safety plan was personalised to me
I could choose which coping tools / strategies would work for me
Staff / volunteers listened to me
I was treated with dignity and respect
I felt comfortable to talk openly about how I was feeling

How would you rate the following elements of the service?

Staff and volunteers
Spaces for relaxing / talking to others / doing activities
Opening times
Would you recommend this service to family or friends?
Would you like us to contact you to follow up on your visit to the service within the next few days? *
The information gathered in this form will only be used to to improve the service in the ways stated and to keep you informed of Berkshire West Breathing Space activities. Please tick the box below to confirm you give consent for us to use the information in that way: * *