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Our approach

At Together, our approach is rooted in our long experience of working alongside the users of our services as they make the choices that shape their own lives. Our ethos can be summed up quite simply: we believe that people experiencing mental distress can direct their own journey towards improved mental health and to living independent, fulfilling lives.

Our role is to give people the tools and the support to achieve this. Our ethos is expressed in the vision, mission and values that underpin our day-to-day work and our long-term goals.

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision Our vision is a world where each individual can play their part in breaking down the barriers that exist through ignorance and lack of understanding and live their life without prejudice.

Our mission Together’s mission is to be first choice for service users looking for quality, personalised services.  We are trusted for our expertise in service user involvement and leadership.  We will value and encourage service users’ contribution to every aspect of our work, working alongside them as they lead their journey towards greater wellbeing.  We will demonstrate that service user involvement works to improve people’s mental health whatever their life situation and no matter how severely they are affected.

Our seven core values give us the principles that ensure we deliver our services in a way that is consistent with our philosophy. They are:

    • Individual-centred and holistic
    • Choice
    • Working alongside
    • Listening, learning and adapting
    • Valuing and involving
    • Quality
    • Future positive


Spreading our philosophy through Together and beyond

    • Our Model of Support is based on four principles that underpin everything we do, regardless of setting or the complexity of needs of the person we are supporting.
    • Service user involvement is at the core of everything we do, and we work hard to promote our ethos externally and develop our practice around service user involvement, service user leadership and peer support.
    • We believe that the principles of an equal society underpin our person-centred, service user led approach to mental wellbeing. Read our Statement on Equality and Diversity.
    • We’ve created strategic goals to help us take firm steps towards achieving our mission between now and 2020. You can read our strategy document here.