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Camberwell Community Building

Camberwell Community Building

Camberwell Community Building is an initiative inspired by the Baha’i Faith. Community building activities, much like the ones in Camberwell, take root in over 200 countries worldwide representing over 2,000 ethnic, linguistic and cultural groups. We work with friends from every cultural or religious background to give practical expression to a vision of world unity.

Our projects not only contribute towards intellectual and material progress, but also an important influence for social change is spiritual progress, amongst others, such as:
• Search for what connects us, rather than what divides us irrespective of faith, belief or background.
• Unlocking one’s desire for service to humanity.
• Working in a spirit of trusting relationships, cooperation and collaboration whilst adopting a non-adversarial approach to debate and consultation.
• Recognising that service requires working in fellowship alongside others for the good of their neighbours.
• Acceptance, understanding and tolerance of people from all walks of life.
• Creating a non-judgmental environment with friends, family and neighbours.
• Improving our attitude towards caring for our environment, which comes from within.
• True service requires a humble and sincere posture of learning.
• Looking for the good and qualities in people and building on each other’s strengths.
• Development of moral sensibility such as love, unity, truthfulness, courtesy, respect, forgiveness and honesty.
• Common bond between the individual and the collective with a shared purpose driven by encouragement, mutual support and loving fellowship.

Our society-building and social action initiatives enable individual and collective transformation that take shape in four principle areas: Children’s Classes, Junior Youth Groups, Youth Groups and Adult Groups.

We work and serve to build community and advance the processes towards fellowship and peace in United Kingdom and around the world. Yet, it all begins at neighbourhoods and local communities.
For general enquiries or if you are interested to attend any of our FREE! events or participate in the youth training programme we'd love to hear from you! We'll respond within 48 hours.
07850 806060
Camberwell Community Building

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