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Creation Trust

Creation Trust

Creation Trust is a charity dedicated to residents on the Aylesbury estate (SE17) and ensuring they receive the benefits of the regeneration of the area. They run a number of projects, including:

Resident Support Programme

Creation’s Resident Support Programme offers in-depth one to one support to the most vulnerable residents on the estate. Vulnerable can mean anything from very elderly, people with disabilities, mental health issues, people with complex family arrangements.


They have a number of projects that are aimed at informing and engaging residents on the estate. These include events, publications and the community team. The Community Team is a group of Aylesbury Estate residents employed by Creation on an occasional basis, to assist with Creation outreach, events, research, and to help inform residents about the regeneration process.


SE17Working is a partnership formed to help Aylesbury Estate and London and Quadrant Housing local residents find employment by removing any barriers that are keeping you from finding work and linking you to employers.

If you live on the Aylesbury estate and are looking for work, contact SE17Working on 0207 7038923 or visit

Young Residents

The Youth Centre, 2Inspire, run activities every night of the week, including arts and crafts, digital media and dance. XLP run trips for young carers, offer mentoring support and have a bus onto the estate every Tuesday. A Mobile Skate Park takes place every Saturday on the Football pitch next to the Creation Trust Offices on Thurlow Street.

Residents on the Aylesbury estate (SE17).
Details of activities, events and projects can be found on the website.
0207 703 8923
The Cabin
1 Beaconsfield Road
SE17 2EN

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