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Mount Carmel Hostel for Recovering Alcoholics

Mount Carmel Hostel for Recovering Alcoholics

A registered residential treatment centre for recovering alcoholics. Its aims are to enable each resident to live a fulfilling and responsible life without alcohol. Provides a therapeutic, non-judgemental and safe environment for people who have experienced serious problems with alcohol and who see abstinence as their only way forward. Offers group therapy and one-to-one counselling and uses the 12-step programme of recovery.

We offer a range of programmes of different durations and types. The best option for each client is decided during the assessment, and in discussion with their Care Manager if appropriate:

Residential programmes – in our main house we have 18 single bedrooms for residential clients.

Day programmes – our day programmes can be of any appropriate length, determined at assessment and tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Quasi residential – some clients live not in our main house, where the treatment takes place, but in one of the nearby follow-on houses, and daily making the short journey to the main house. This is called “quasi residential” treatment. It ensures that you are always with supportive people in recovery as you move through treatment, and costs less than residential treatment.

Counselling – in certain circumstances we can offer clients regular weekly counselling sessions.

Detox – we do not provide a detox programme, but we can make arrangements for a detox to be undertaken by specialists, followed by a safe and seamless transfer to Mount Carmel.

We know it’s not easy to ask for that help, nor to admit that you can’t do it on your own. If you have made this decision, Mount Carmel is ready and able to help you not just to stop drinking, but to change your life.
Can self-refer, or referrals from care managers, community alcohol team or CMHT. Assessment by means of an informal interview, a tour of the house and discussion about their programme.

Public funding – if you require funding for your treatment you should contact your GP, your local community alcohol team/substance misuse team or your care manager. They can make a referral for you to Mount Carmel.

Self-funding – if you intend to fund the treatment yourself you can contact us directly on 0208 769 7674 or
0208 769 7674
12 Aldrington Road
SW16 1TH

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