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Al-Anon Family Groups

Al-Anon Family Groups

Al-Anon Family Groups provide support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else’s drinking, regardless of whether that person is still drinking or not. For some Al-Anon members, the wounds still run deep, even if their loved one may no longer be a part of their lives or have died.

Al-Anon are an international organisation with over 800 support groups in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Al-Anon Family Groups hold regular meetings where members share their own experience of living with alcoholism. Al-Anon does not offer advice or counselling, but members give each other understanding, strength and hope. There are a number of Al-Anon groups running across London, including one in Camberwell. You can find further details of local groups on the Al-Anon website, here:


Al-Anon Family Groups also run Alateen, for teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics. Alateen meetings are attended by 12-17 year olds. They meet to share their experiences of having, or having had, a problem drinker in their lives. They help and support each other. For Alateen meetings, phone the General Service Office on 020 7593 2070.

Is Al-Anon for you?
•Do you have a parent, close friend or relative whose drinking upsets you?
•Do you cover up your real feelings by pretending you don't care?
•Does it seem like every holiday is spoiled because of drinking?
•Do you tell lies to cover up for someone else's drinking or for what's happening in your home?
•Do you stay out of the house as much as possible because you hate it there?
•Are you afraid to upset someone for fear it will set off a drinking bout?
•Do you feel nobody really loves you or cares what happens to you?
•Are you afraid or embarrassed to bring your friends home?
•Do you think the drinker's behaviour is caused by you, other members of your family, friends, or rotten breaks in life?
•Do you believe no one could possibly understand how you feel?
•Do you have money problems because of some else's drinking?
•Are meal times frequently delayed because of the drinker?
•Have you considered calling the police because of someone's drinking behaviour?
•Have you refused to attend social occasions out of fear or anxiety?
•Do you think that if the drinker stopped drinking, all your problems would be solved?

If you have answered YES to some of these questions, joining an Al-Anon group may help you.
Al-Anon's confidential helpline is available 10am - 10pm, 365 days a year, on 020 7403 0888.

Use Al-Anon's website to find details of your local meetings.
020 7403 0888 (helpline) or 020 7593 2070 (general service office)
57B Great Suffolk Street

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