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York Road Accommodation Service

York Road
020 8642 6310

Services offered:

  • 24hr residential - complex needs/dual diagnosis
  • Housing
  • Progression Together

Project Manager: John Gould
Operations and Development Manager: Emma Edwards
Referrals accepted from:  Anywhere in the country, with priority given to those funded by Sutton, Merton, Kingston, Richmond and Wandsworth.

About the service

The first Together home at York Road opened in 1955. Traditionally a long term home for people with low supports needs, York Road was refurbished and reopened in 2001 as a High Support Unit offering specialist support to people with complex needs and forensic background. The service offers a comprehensive support package designed to enable clients to take control of their lives and move on to independent living.

York Road provides a home for 14 service users. There are nine single rooms in the main buildings, with an annexe in its grounds made up of five rooms. York Road is set in peaceful surroundings with large gardens at the front and back of the building, regularly maintained by staff and service users.

We provide:

The focus of our service is on supporting service users to maintain mental wellbeing today and in the future. Key to achieving this is our commitment to the provision of highly individualised, bespoke support programmes that promote social and mental wellbeing coupled with a passion for service user and carer involvement. There is a 1:1 staff allocation; and as service users progress, time spent with each service user is evaluated to meet their individual preferences (reduced time as the service user moves towards greater independence, and more when circumstances change).


Referrals are accepted from anywhere in the country, with priority given to those funded by Sutton, Merton, Kingston, Richmond and Wandsworth. Sometimes our clients come to us directly from secure units within Hospitals and HM Prisons but we consider referrals from other parts of the country as well.

All clients must be diagnosed with a mental illness to be referred to us. Our assessment process is free of charge without commitment. We insist on a six weeks trial to provide accurate needs assessment.

Upon discharge from York road to independent living,  we offer a six week outreach programme while individuals settle into their new homes.

Our staff come from various professional and ethnic backgrounds and are fully trained, all NVQ3 certified, committed and passionate about the work.

Care Quality Commission inspection report

We are acting on the points raised in a recent Care Quality Commission inspection report of the service, specifically in the following areas:

  1. The service has recruited a fixed term agency Deputy Manager to increase management staffing levels.
  2. Changes have been made to the way staff are supervised so the Service Manager has greater oversight of staff practices and follow-up on action requested.
  3. There is a consistent management approach now to checking and reviewing the information in support plans, so that there is a higher standard of quality in evidencing our work with people.
  4. The Service Manager has signed up for email safety alerts.
  5. Our use of our new case management online system, LUMIS, will allow the Service Manager to be able to track progress on goals met, activities completed and case notes.
  6. LUMIS has a built-in risk management plan, so we can now consistently assess for specific risks associated with individuals who collect their own medicines – in line with DOLS regulations and with the service’s overall principle of promoting independence and our policy and guidance.
  7. Protocols for the collection and storing of medicine keys and temperature testing have been changed and there are new policies and processes for medicine management.
  8. We have introduced a new organisational Clozapine policy.
  9. We are consulting with those using the service about further improvements to the building’s decorative state, building on work already completed in 2015-6, and are taking action to deep clean the annex building.
  10. As an organisation, we are changing our monthly checks at CQC regulated services and how Regional Managers can check on progress centrally.

More information

To find out more about this service, please contact them direct.