Green Lane Accommodation Service

Green Lane Accommodation Service

Green Lane
KT15 2TE
01932 857485
Services offered:
  • Housing
    • 24hr residential

Project Manager: Chippo Chickwature Gono
Operations & Development Manager: Yahir Hernandez

Our Green Lane accommodation-based support service offers round-the-clock practical and emotional support by an experienced team of recovery workers.

Each person is supported to set their own personal recovery goals and to work towards achieving them, with help tailored to meet each individual’s needs. Staff work with residents to develop tools to manage their mental health and improve their wellbeing. This is offered alongside practical support with the tasks of daily living, such as preparing meals, managing finances and personal care.

We focus on supporting individuals to improve their wellbeing by reconnecting with their community, reducing isolation and building informal support networks. This might involve support to access local facilities, socialise, develop hobbies and friendships and participate in activities and groups. We work with people to help them build their futures and achieve their aspirations through supporting them to access training, volunteering and employment opportunities.

Once someone feels ready to move on to more independent living, our staff work with them to find and transfer to appropriate accommodation, which could be to a supported accommodation setting, or directly to their own flat.

Since the Care Quality Commission inspection report of the service completed on 24 February 2016, we have acted on all points raised, including the following:

  1. We have conducted a root cause analysis to establish what actions are needed to address the issues raised by the CQC’s report.
  2. The service has recruited two new full time posts and two new relief posts to increase staffing levels.
  3. Changes have been made to the way staff are supervised so that the Service Manager has greater oversight of staff practices.
  4. Support plans now have an increased focus on specific diagnoses and triggers, and advice about consistency of record keeping has been acted upon.
  5. We have assessed for specific risks associated with individuals who collect their own medicines, in line with DOLS regulations and the service’s overall principle of promoting independence.
  6. Protocols for the collection and storing of medicines have been changed and steps have been taken to install air vents in the rooms where medicines are stored.
  7. We have further improved our risk management procedures to include the service’s garden area.
  8. An external care manager has conducted mental capacity assessments for all those using the service and risk assessments have been reviewed and signed by the service manager, individuals using the service and key workers.
  9. We sought further advice from an Occupational Therapist about how we can continue to support people with mobility issues within the building.
  10. We consulted with those using the service about further improvements to the building’s decorative state, building on work already completed in 2015, and took action to replace a carpet in the building.
  11. We have sought and acted on service users’ views on additional activities the service could offer.
  12. We have installed more smoke detectors in the property to deal with a specific issue relating to a user/users of the service smoking in inappropriate areas. Representatives from the Fire Brigade have given staff and service users training in fire safety awareness, and a house fire audit took place which was compliant with Surrey Fire Services guidance.
  13. We reviewed our practice surrounding the support of people outside the premises, in line with DOLS regulation.
  14. We have added additional ways in which we can support people to plan and cook balanced nutritious meals for themselves.

We commissioned a follow-up report by an external social care consultant following our CQC inspection to assess our progress made. This report showed good progress in all areas indicated in the CQC Report. For a copy of this report, please contact Sarah Thompson Turvey, Head of Quality Improvement.