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Blank Space/(Y)our Space at Together Our Space

Posted on 20, May 2010

BLANK SPACE/(Y)OUR SPACE, a new multi-disciplinary exhibition featuring 16 emerging artists goes in on show at our Together Our Space gallery from Thursday 20th May until Friday 2nd July.

Devised and curated by Christina Millare, each contributing artist has created work in response to her challenge to ‘fill the void’, and have transformed our gallery into a creative sensory zone, with site specific installations, video, sculpture, sound and paintings allowing visitors to themselves become part of the space.

“The void being filled by each artist might be personal – either mental or spiritual,” says Christina. “Or it could be an emptiness they feel in wider society being filled, a ‘lack’, or misunderstanding of something that is real, but not seen or understood.”

Three of the sixteen artists taking part are associated with Art Saves Lives, a community interest company dedicated to finding a space and platform for artists, who, for whatever reason, have been marginalised by society.  One of the contributing artists from the organisation, Eve McDougall, is displaying work about her experience of being sent to an adult prison in the 1970’s, when she was just 15, for breaking a window.

Eve explains the meaning behind one of her major works on display, ‘Girls Behind Bars‘:  “It’s a miniaturisation of an imagination, quite hallucinated, of how I saw myself in that prison with those other young children who ranged from 13 to 15 at the time.  People think it’s a little dolls house when they walk up to it, and then they think, oh, it’s a little prison.

“It’s saying to the world, this is what we do, we lock little children, little girls up. People just don’t see it or fully appreciate what that means, or does to somebody.”

Other artists displaying work include Morgan Beringer, Susan Bowman, Lucy Edkins, Claire Hazelton, Martyn Hill, Victoria Karlsson, Paul Kindersley, Nicola McCartney, Char Millare, Amanda Moss, Axelle Russo, Dean Stalham, Theo Taghom, Kassim Bay &  Deno De La Vega.