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Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together (LWT) is a Peer Support programme led by users of Together’s services. It offers training opportunities, service user involvement volunteering opportunities and Peer Support in a single package.

Together does involvement in a meaningful way that changes lives for the better.” Together service user.

Let’s Work Together has been developed over the years by people who use our services, supported by Together’s Service User Involvement Directorate. In the words of service users, this is what sets Together apart from other organisations as “Together does involvement in a meaningful way that changes lives for the better”.

Any of Together’s service users can take part and we welcome people who access other mental health services to attend.

What does Let’s Work Together offer?

  • Opportunities to do something useful and give something ‘back’ to the mental health and wider community
  • Experience of supporting and being supported by others with mental health issues
  • Control. Through LWT, you can support others to take control of their own lives and develop their confidence by reacquainting themselves with and learning new skills
  • Working alongside others while building your portfolio.

Our experience shows that people who take part in the LWT programme gain a great deal from the programme, including:

  • increased ambitions and improved self-confidence
  • becoming reacquainted with and taking on new skills
  • building new relationships and extended support networks
  • increased independence from mental health services – for example, reduced hospital admissions
  • engagement in responsible roles
  • access to education and training.

After completing the leadership training, I went on to become an elected member of Together’s National Steering Group, which directly influences how the organisation operates. It’s given me purpose and helped me regain my confidence. It’s OK to be me here – you don’t have to wear a mask. I’ve suggested the programme to a few people from my area. It’s been great to see them grow through it.” Together volunteer.

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